Best Single Din Bluetooth Head unit

It feels delightful to listen to your favorite playlist of songs while driving. Your driving experience gets better, but you can also go longer without getting bored or tired. Having a better car stereo system is as essential as other parts of the car. Single din head units are preferred more due to their smaller and compact size. However, it depends on the type of car you have and what stereo system it is friendly with. But, here, we will only discuss the single din head unit with Bluetooth functionality.

Having a single din head unit along with Bluetooth is necessary. Because then you can easily connect your mobile phone and listen to your favorite songs without any effort. Moreover, it is better to get a single din Bluetooth head unit with other advanced features. A single din Bluetooth head unit car stereo must have a quick touch system, USB ports, AUX input, Radio access, CD/DVD player, power rating, etc. These fantastic features of a single din head unit allow their users to have the best driving experience.

However, even if you are fully aware of a single din head unit’s features, it is still difficult to choose the best one and compatible from thousands of options. But don’t worry, you are at the right place because our expert team has created the below list after several tests. Here, you will get the best single din Bluetooth head unit with favorable features. We have also listed the pros and cons of each product. It will help you to choose according to your needs among them easily.

Quick Shopping Tips

However, before reviewing the products, we have generated this section where you will get all the shopping tips while buying a single din Bluetooth head unit. Here, you will get to know all the features of your car stereo.

Power ratings: While shopping for a single din head unit, checking the power ratings is highly important. If you lack an amplifier in your car stereo, then maximum power ratings allow you to get high-quality sound. Always look for the maximum power ratings because then your single din head unit delivers louder sound while maintaining the overall quality of the sound.

Multifunction: A multifunction single din head unit ensures that you perform several tasks with your car stereo. In addition, expandability is a must-have feature in every car stereo because you can easily connect with several eternal sources like audio and video inputs.

Design: The design of a car stereo is a personal choice that depends on the preference of the car owner. But, while shopping for a single din head unit, ensure that your stereo system matches your car’s design. Also, some single din head units come with some advanced features like customized lighting and LED display. Although, such customized car stereos are expensive due to their extra aesthetic look. But, if you search deeply, you can get these features at a cheap price.

Several ports: Your single din head unit should comprise different ports to make your car’s connectivity more versatile. Your single din head unit should have a USB port so that you can connect a USB to the car stereo to listen to your favorite song playlist. Moreover, this USB port also charges your mobile phone.

Best Single Din Bluetooth Head unit at a Glance:

  1. Alpine CDE-172BT
  2. Pioneer Single Din In-Dash
  3. Kenwood KMM-BT325
  4. Kenwood KDC-BT34
  5. Alpine UTE-73BT
  6. Sony DSX-A416BT
  7. JVC KD-X260BT
  8. BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI

The Best Single DIN Bluetooth Head Units You can Buy Today

Alpine CDE-172BT
Alpine CDE-172BT (Image credit: Amazon)

Alpine CDE-172BT

best overall single din bluetooth head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Number of channels: 6 | Supported internet services: Internet radio, Pandora, SiriusXM
| Compatible devices: speaker, smartphone | Control method: App


High compatibility

High & low pass filter

Plays every music format


Non-anti-glare screen

Alpine CDE-172BT is considered the best one in this field because of its easy-to-use features and high-quality performance at a reasonable price. Moreover, it doesn’t have any complex functions to use in any vehicle because it supports USB and Bluetooth, which you can play your favorite songs anywhere you want. With these fantastic connectivity technologies, you can listen to songs directly from your favorite music app, Spotify or SoundCloud.

Moreover, this stereo will not bother which way you are using to play songs. While offering a great time to the user, this stereo can play music of any format from WMA to MP3. Additionally, this head unit allows you to call your friends while driving by giving a free calling feature when you attach your phone to it with Bluetooth. Installing this one in your car will help you do multiple things with a single piece. Isn’t it something praiseworthy and worth investing in?

Moreover, the company has packed this stereo head unit with different features that can be adjusted according to your preference. The customizable features include backlight and display according to choice, making your car’s interior chicer. So light up your car interior with its help. One more astounding thing about this good stereo is that it allows you to control the EQ the way you want. The reason is that sometimes you need bass music with a loud noise, and other times you need to listen to slow and calming music. It can do both of them without producing any hitches for sure.

Pioneer Single Din In-Dash
Pioneer Single Din In-Dash (Image credit: Amazon)

Pioneer Single Din In-Dash

best detachable face single din bluetooth head unit


Connectivity technology: USB | Number of channels: 4 | Supported internet services: Internet radio, Pandora, SiriusXM | Compatible devices: speaker, smartphone | Control method: Remote, app


Modern looks

Detachable faceplate

Wide range of audio and video sources


Not very visible screen in day

If you are searching for a unique, pretty, and reasonable stereo head unit for your car, then you are at the right product from the list. It Pioneer Single Din In-Dash offers high-quality performance that can fulfill the requirements of the vehicle’s sound system excellently. The good thing is its low cost combined with high quality.

Pioneer is a famous company in the sounding industry; that’s why they offered this reliable piece to the customers that prove to be a great companion while driving off or on the road. First of all, talking about its looks, it has a sleek design that gives your car interior a completely different look. It is mainly said that pretty things are not durable, but the company proved everyone wrong by launching a fantastic stereo head unit. You can use USB ports for connectivity and a wireless remote to control the whole system. It means you can manage your playlist with a remote easily.

The system of this head unit is equipped with high power usage, which allows it to play any music in a powerful and smooth sound. Moreover, the system is installed with a CEA amp that can make your car sound wild once you start using it. So it is regarded as you should buy it if you are need of a powerful one. While discussing its compatibility, it can be used with smartphones such as android and IOS devices. Additionally, you can play any music format on this stereo, which means you can enjoy the drive with your favorite playlist every time without spending a lot of money.

Kenwood KMM-BT325
Kenwood KMM-BT325 (Image credit: Amazon)

Kenwood KMM-BT325

best easy-to-use single din bluetooth head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Number of channels: 4 | Supported internet services: Pandora | Compatible devices: speaker, smartphone | Control method: remote


Easy to use

High sound quality

Smooth remote control


Attach with the only single phone at once

Kenwood KMM-BT325 is considered a rough one because of its fair and square performance among the other head units on the list. However, you can regard this head unit as one of those fantastic head units that take meager amounts but offer many things. You can get an excellent stereo head unit for your car without burning your pockets.

This stereo is specially made to fulfill every customer’s need related to the sound system in their car. It is packed with great features with all the essential functions you require in your car’s head unit stereo. Moreover, it permits you to control the system according to your preference. You can control the subwoofer level, which means you can play the music of your choice at any bass according to your mood. So you can make your car go wild or make it smooth and calm while driving. The head unit is combined with suitable quality components that give outstanding sound output.

The connectivity options are also comprehensive, including Bluetooth and USB ports and earbuds connectivity. These things make this stereo a more versatile head unit than the others. Moreover, it lets you listen to your favorite show or music through AM/FM and satellite tuner radio. Rather than basic features, it has some unusual features, including a digital Time alignment feature and 13 band equalizer, wheel audio control, etc. These features prove to be amazing once you use them in your car. Furthermore, if you install the music app of Kenwood, it will enable you for more fantastic internet features.

Kenwood KDC-BT34
Kenwood KDC-BT34 (Image credit: Amazon)

Kenwood KDC-BT34


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Number of channels: 4 | Supported internet services: Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, internet radio | Compatible devices: speaker, smartphone | Control method: remote


High sound quality

Various internet sources

Affordable price


The remote control is poor

We have already discussed one of Kenwood’s head units. Now you might become familiar with the fact that the company offers fantastic products at a very reasonable price. This Kenwood KDC-BT34 model is the same price as the previous model, but it provides more features that eventually increase the sound quality.

At first, its looks are more aesthetic than the other models from Kenwood company. Moreover, it comes up with a feature of variable color illumination. Without color fixation, you can adjust the backlight or display according to your favorite color. Furthermore, it has a vast range of colors that can be adapted to the system. The connectivity options are rich because they can be connected to your device in various ways, such as USB or by using the phone’s Bluetooth. On the display screen, you will see a direct access button to enable Bluetooth to connect with your device and play all your favorite songs while driving home.

Another exciting and modern feature of this stereo is that it comes up with various internet sources, including Spotify and Amazon Alexa. You have to speak the name of the song you want to listen to. Your head unit will play it for you with the help of those internet sources indeed. It has various ports which can be used for different purposes. If we talk about the sound quality, you will be amazed. Once you listen to your favorite song in your cabin with this head unit system, you will always love to listen to songs only in your car because of the great and smooth sound output.

Alpine UTE-73BT
Alpine UTE-73BT (Image credit: Amazon)

Alpine UTE-73BT

best high performance single din bluetooth head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth | Number of channels: 4 | Supported internet services: Pandora | Compatible devices: smartphone | Control method: touch


Upgraded model

Clean sound

Tune the music


No CD player

Most people don’t want to buy a head unit for their cars, so it is made for them. Even though its price is meagre, the company doesn’t compromise on the quality and performance of the head unit to satisfy their customer needs.

Don’t worry about its low price because Alpine UTE-73BT will offer you some exceptional features advanced in performance in this price range. This inexpensive piece comes up with a blue, bright screen LCD type that offers high visibility day and night. Because of its feature, anybody can use this with ease. Moreover, you can adjust the lightening of your display by using the RBG lightening adjustable feature according to your choice. The head unit enables android and IOS users to connect with it easily through Bluetooth technology. If you don’t have internet in the car, you can use the USB to play songs.

This head unit supports every format and file of your music quickly, which means if your favorite song is not in MP3 format, your stereo will play it anyway. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with a CD player, but you can use Pandora very quickly with this head unit. Also, it means you can play songs through the web. The head unit is installed with an easy-to-use navigation system and high and low pass filter, which will provide a smooth sound no matter what you are playing. You should try this head unit if you cannot use the technical stuff because it is made for non-technical savvy people on board.

Sony DSX-A416BT
Sony DSX-A416BT (Image credit: Amazon)

Sony DSX-A416BT


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Number of channels: 4 | Supported internet services: Pandora | Compatible devices: smartphone, speaker | Control method: touch


Great price

Perfect for Bluetooth connection

Nice bass


No remote

Sony is a famous company for making one of the best electrical and digital gadgets ranging from kitchen to home appliances. So it means Sony is a reliable company on which customers can rely for everything they offer because it will be worth buying. The same is the case with Sony DSX-A416BT head unit.

The display screen of this head unit offers more space so that every person can use it with ease and comfort for sure. Moreover, this unit is entirely hassle-free, making it a unique one in the market. The company has installed everything twice to offer their customers the high quality they deserve. Additionally, this head unit has optimized communication features that enable the customers to call their family or friends while driving without hesitation. It is excellent to know that you can connect dual smartphones wirelessly by allowing the function of dual Bluetooth from the display on the dashboard.

Having a dual connection makes it easy for users to use one phone for listening to songs, and others can make or receive calls. The head unit also has a voice control feature that offers many things such as real-time direction, communication, etc.; everything you need to do is now only one command away. This head unit has everything that can help you enjoy the natural and clear sound with powerful amplification and adjustable music settings that you cannot get from anywhere else at such a user-friendly price. So if you want a reliable head unit for your car or vehicle, you should consider this one for sure.

JVC KD-X260BT (Image credit: Amazon)



Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Number of channels: 2 | Supported internet services: Pandora, IHeartRadio, Spotify | Compatible devices: Speaker, Smartphone | Control method: App, Remote


Support higher output wattage

Amazing connectivity options

Allows several music formats


Don’t support CD/DVD player

JVC KD-X260BT digital media receiver is a single din head unit that is highly affordable among its competitors. In addition, the overall design of this car stereo is eye-pleasing because it supports the backlight LED that looks pleasing while driving at night times. This specific feature can be a great reason to choose this single din head unit. Moreover, the Bluetooth feature is remarkably remarkable, allowing you to connect to your smartphone. By combining the Bluetooth of both devices, you can stream your favorite playlist in your car. Plus, you can make calls without bothering to put your phone out every time.

JVC KD-X260BT single din head unit features fantastic connectivity options. You can effortlessly connect any application from your IOS and Android devices. Don’t you feel this feature is fabulous? You get the best and highly compatible single din head unit car stereo at affordable prices.

This single din head unit offers a commendable feature of playing almost all types of music formats. From FLAC files to WMA files, you can enjoy tons of music formats while driving. You are getting thousands of music formats with this head unit that helps you enhance your driving experience. Although this single din head unit doesn’t support CD/DVD players, there are several other ports to fulfill this disappointment. You can connect several types of devices through their USB port. This JVC digital media receiver also has the remote control feature and other features and feels like a cherry on top.

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI
BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI (Image credit: Amazon)

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI

best budget single din bluetooth head unit


Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, USB | Number of channels: 4 | Supported internet services: Pandora, Spotify | Compatible devices: Speaker, Smartphone, iPod, MMC, SD, iPad, mp3 | Control method: Touch


Screen flip-out feature

Several backlight color combinations

Support video player


Difficult to access SD card files

As the name suggests, this single din head unit is a BOSS in this list. BOSS BV9986BI is a fantastic product at a very affordable price. With this tremendous single din head unit, you get all the premium features that most highly rated, and expensive car stereos lack. So, this is one of the best choice single din head units on our list.

Boss audio system comes with Bluetooth technology that makes your life very easy. You can connect the car stereo with your smartphone and enjoy your favorite songs. Due to this Bluetooth feature, you can also make hands-free calls without worrying about your phone.  Another feature lacking in the most popular single din head units is a video player. But, this single din head unit allows you to watch any video from your phone. You can also connect an additional screen for more convenience. In addition, its remote control system enables the people to setting at the back to control the car stereo and play their favorite song.

Its flip-out touch screen is a fantastic feature that allows you to remove the touchscreen display and store it anywhere. This feature helps you secure your screen display from thieves. The USB and AUX ports are also available in this single din head unit, a fabulous quality for several connectivity options. With this multifunctional single din head unit, you can choose the backlight color from different dynamic color options. This feature is great for some people who quickly get bored by a single backlight. It also supports an SD card so that you can enjoy songs of different music formats.


A single din head unit is an excellent product that supports several features and enhances a car’s performance. For example, you can enjoy several songs from your favorite playlist using a single din head unit. Moreover, you can attend calls by connecting the car stereo with your smartphone through Bluetooth.

The above product list comprises all the best quality single din head units. But, if you can’t decide on a single product, I would suggest you go for BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Head Unit because it has some premium quality features at a very affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a single and double din stereo different?

There is no significant difference between a single din head unit and a double din head unit. However, the main difference is the size of both the car stereos. A single din head unit is way smaller than a double din head unit. Mostly, the size of the double din head unit will be twice the size of the single din head unit. Moreover, the LCD size will also be more extensive in a double din head unit.

How to test a single din head unit without installing it in a car?

If you want to test your single din head unit at the time of purchase but you don’t have a car, you can do it with the help of a battery. Connect or touch the black, red, and yellow terminals to any AV battery, and if its light turns ON, it means that it is working.

When should you upgrade to a new single din head unit?

When you feel like the sound quality of your old single din head unit has become destructive, then it is time to upgrade to a new one. A new single din head unit will support louder sound and extra features like a touch screen, USB port, backlight, etc.

Can I connect an amplifier to a single din head unit?

You can easily connect an amplifier to your single din head unit. Connecting an amplifier helps you boost the sound quality of your single din head unit. Moreover, an amplifier produces less fluctuation and allows you to have more control over the audio settings. That’s why installing an amplifier in your single din head unit is a great option.

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